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Stephan Goericke is honored with the Growth Contributor Award of the ISTQB®

Posted by Gerhard Wistuba on Oct 1, 2021 3:11:40 PM

The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) has honored Stephan Goericke as a special supporter and promoter of the goals of the ISTQB®. The ISTQB® confers the Growth Contributor Award on individuals who have made a significant contribution to the growth and development of the ISTQB® over an extended period of time.

Potsdam / Germany, 1.10.2021 – The more digitization advances, the more important software quality becomes. Autonomous cars, self-learning systems, data protection especially in social networks etc. all have less and less room for errors, with the risks from quality problems increasing with the complexity of the software. The more complicated the systems become, the more important the skills and competences within the organisation become.

Stephan Goericke believes that a formula for future success is “Digitalization is Qualification plus Automation” and he sees the importance of the ISTQB® in line with this principle. Since 2005, Stephan Goericke has been a committed campaigner and promoter of quality standards in ISTQB® He has supported numerous initiatives and was instrumental in the introduction of new products to the ISTQB®, including Mobile Application Testing and Model Based Testing. He has been an active member of ISTQB® working groups for many years - currently as vice-chair of the Marketing Working Group. Through his commitment and initiatives, he has supported the establishment and growth of several ISTQB® Member Boards and created awareness of ISTQB® in many new regions including Cuba (now an ISTQB® Member Board), Rwanda and the Palestinian Territories.

Stephan Goericke is the CEO of the iSQI Group, which is active worldwide through its companies iSQI GmbH, iSQI Ltd, iSQI BV and iSQI Inc. iSQI, as a global examination provider for internationally recognised certification, supports growth of the international standard for the further training and qualification of software testers. The iSQI Group is authorized by 19 ISTQB® Member Boards to administer ISTQB® exams and award certificates. Exams are available after accredited training courses, as public exams, at Pearson VUE test centres and as online exams with remote proctors in numerous languages.

On receiving the ISTQB® Growth Contributor Award, Stephan Goericke said: "This recognition by the ISTQB® has a very special meaning for me. I have been a passionate supporter of the programme for many years and take great pleasure in seeing the positive impact it has on individuals and organisations around the world. Organisations are striving for digital transformation at an unprecedented rate and quality assurance is becoming increasingly important - the ISTQB® Certified Tester scheme plays a significant role in training and enhancing expertise. I thank the ISTQB® Board, Member Boards and all supporters of the ISTQB® for this award."