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New: Advanced Product Owner training and certification

ISQI Group
Posted by ISQI Group on Mar 15, 2021 3:10:47 PM

The Advanced Product Owner curriculum by nextnormal.academy is a framework-neutral open source training scheme with a corresponding optional certification. The aim is to convey the relationships and interplay between different methods and tools of agile product management. The target groups are product owners, agile product managers, agile coaches and people who work with these groups.


The training can take place both with accredited trainers and in self-study using the Advanced Product Owner MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) “apoMOOC”. In both training formats, participants experience the combination of methods such as personas, business model canvas, stakeholder mapping and inception deck and others using a case study. They reflect on how the contents of the individual methods are mutually dependent and which feedback loops result between them. After the training, participants are able to assess the suitability of the methods and tools for their context and to use the tools successfully. 

The accompanying training manual and the apoMOOC are open source.


After completion of the training or the apoMOOC, the certification exam can be taken. Certificate holders demonstrate that they know and can use an integrated value chain of methods for agile product management. They navigate from understanding users to value modelling to planning with goal-oriented roadmaps to prioritising and delivering products. They also use targeted feedback loops to maximise the value of the product.


The first train-the-trainer event took place in January 2021. Further training dates for 2021 can be found at https://nextnormal.academy/events/


The trainings and certification are currently only available in German. However, they will be offered in English later this year.


Further information on certification can also be found here. 


  • Who is nextnormal.academy?

nextnormal.academy is a special interest group developing high quality agility training and certification schemes with the goal of sustainable capability building.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nextnormal-academy/.


Topics: Software Testing, new training, APO, advanced product owner, new certification

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