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iSQI respond to global demand for Design Thinking Certification!

ISQI Group
Posted by ISQI Group on Nov 17, 2020 1:03:53 PM

The Alliance for Qualification (A4Q) has released a global certification in Design Thinking. The certification is available at Foundation Level and validates the holder's knowledge and ability to use this innovation-seeking approach to problem solving and solutions development.

Leading global exam providers, the International Software Quality Institute (iSQI) and the Global Association for Software Quality (GASQ) will include the Design Thinking Foundation Level certification in their respective portfolios.

Training courses will only be available from accredited training providers. Training will support participants in preparation for the certification exam and ensure workplace-ready skills. The course will enable participants to explain the design thinking approach to solving problems; apply design thinking approaches and tools to a variety of challenges and problems, and take part positively in collaborative ideation and evaluation.

Stephan Goericke CEO stated, "Design Thinking (DT) is playing a crucial role in how companies formulate their business models – it's a game changer. Harnessing the power of technology, aligned to a human-centric vision of customer needs, is helping an organization build more products that have more market appeal and build them faster. The new certification from A4Q will support organizations with skills to use DT for real business benefit"

Leading multinationals around the world, including Apple, Coca-Cola and IBM are using Design Thinking to innovate. Companies, big and small, can use Design Thinking's creative and collaborative approach to transform their organization. We are thrilled to offer this new certification to individuals seeking to develop a DT skill-set -  says Werner Henschelchen, GASQ's CEO.


About iSQI:

For almost 15 years, iSQI has been playing a significant role in certifying the know-how of IT professionals in over 100 countries on 6 continents in 10 languages. Based in Germany, the UK, Netherlands and the US, with global offices and a network of accredited training providers, iSQI delivers more than 30,000 certifications per year paving the way for successful career development.

Contact: accreditation@isqi.org

About GASQ:

GASQ is a global exam provider offering certification programs for software testers, requirements engineering experts and usability professionals working. GASQ strives to make it its core responsibility to increase awareness of the importance of good software quality and of highly qualified staff and businesses in this sector.

About A4Q (the Alliance for Qualification):

The A4Q bring together global experts to create highly relevant certification syllabuses and materials that can be delivered by certification exam delivery bodies and training provider who meet rigorous quality standards.

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