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Customer Experience Analysis: Why is it so important?

Posted by Eva Hofmann on Aug 17, 2022 9:30:00 AM

Customer experience is a signicant differentiator and one of the most important success factors for companies. Markets becoming more competitive, products becoming more and more similar and increasing customer expectations mean that companies can no longer rely only on just their product offering. Experiences that customers have with a brand or a company are becoming the decisive factor for their purchasing decisions. This makes it all the more important for companies to understand Customer Experience Analysis is and how to act upon the results.

What is the customer experience? 

The customer experience (CX) can be understood as the sum of all experiences that people have with a brand or a company. It starts when people visit a website, use an app or view a social media ad. Experiences that customers have during the purchasing process are as much part of the customer experience as the contact with the delivery and customer service teams, the company communication, the quality of the purchased product or the friendliness of the service providers. In this context, the customer experience is understood as a whole 360-degree experience that extends across all touchpoints between a company and its (potential) customers. 


The importance of a positive customer experience for the success of a company is shown in a study by the consulting company PwC: for 73 percent of the surveyed consumers, the customer experience is a decisive factor for the purchase decision. 42 percent of respondents would be willing to pay more for a friendlier and more pleasant customer experience. On the other hand, more than a third of customers would turn their back on a brand after just one bad experience even if they loved it before. 

Customer Experience Analysis (CX Analysis): How to find out what your customers experience 

Customer Experience Analysis helps companies to understand what a customer's overall experience is with a brand or company. This overall experience is made up of different experiences along the customer journey. Customer Experience Analysis helps to find out more about the needs of customers, identifies the points at which customers come into contact with a company and its products, and suggests how these touchpoints can be optimized to create a positive customer experience. CX analysis looks at the following fundamental questions:


  • What are my customers' needs?
  • In what context do they operate?
  • What makes them behave in a certain way?


The most important point of the Customer Experience Analysis is to put yourself in the customers' position (customer empathy) and to take their point of view. Techniques such as the customer journey map, the empathy map or the creation of personas can help to find out more about your customers.

Learn Customer Experience Analysis and get certified!

Customer Experience Analysis helps when it comes to increasing company success and building long-term positive customer relationships. Customer Experience Managers and other individuals from a company's environment can develop their knowledge in the field of CX analysis with specially targeted training courses and prove their skills with internationally recognised certifications


With the A4Q CX Analysis Certification, candidates can effectively demonstrate that they are able to empathize with a company's customers, implement the insights gained and apply them to a company's touchpoints. 


A4Q CX Analysis Certification holders are able to create a positive customer journey across all touchpoints and all digital platforms for improved customer satisfaction. They also demonstrate that they know the key customer experience analysis techniques and can apply them in a targeted manner.


Learn more about the CX Analysis certification!


The A4Q CX Analysis certification is also part of the A4Q Service Design certification. Learn more about this scheme.

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