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Certifications as a Way of Boosting IT Career and Impressing Recruiters

Certifications as a Way of Boosting IT Career and Impressing Recruiters

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By Anastasia Stefanuk, Content Manager at Mobilunity

What Categories Can You Gain IT Certification In?

Having a degree in IT does not always mean that someone will have the specific skills that you are looking for. IT is a huge field and there are many roles that someone could undertake from programming in specific languages through to setting up networks, offering support for often used software and even cybersecurity. These are just a few of the myriad of areas that you could seek certification in.

Thus, having IT certifications that cover your specific areas of expertise can help you to stand out from the crowd if you are looking for a new job or make your life simpler if you are a recruiter. Without the expected certifications for setting up networks, for instance, how could anyone easily judge from your resume if you were capable of performing the required tasks? Certifications will help anyone to show that they have the skills required for a position rather than just generalized knowledge from their education.

In an industry as fast-moving as Information Technology it is also vital that you can show that your skills and knowledge are up to date. Relevant and recent certification gives you the opportunity to show that you are constantly learning and upgrading your skills in your role.

Why Should You Gain IT Certifications?

Getting certified is a must if you are going to work within any area of IT. Whether it is being certified by a specific Vendor to show that you know how to use their software or hardware or more generalized certification, gaining them can make a real difference in gaining the position and what you can earn.

Entry-level certifications can give a salary boost of around 10% over those that do not have the certifications, while higher-level certifications can boost your earnings by as much as 40%. So there is a really good reason for any professional to seek out certification in the areas in which their skills lay.

Certifications also show that your skills are relevant and current. After all, if you did your degree 15 years ago how can you show you have knowledge of current software and hardware without up to date certifications in your areas of expertise. By gaining the right certifications for your role you not only show that you are keeping up to date, but you also clearly demonstrate your commitment to your role.

Recruiters are going to always give more consideration to those applicants with relevant IT certification than those that lack them. So having the right certification will always give you a real head start when applying for your next role.

What IT Certifications Should You Pursue to Impress the Recruiters?

There are hundreds of different certifications that you can gain as an IT professional. Many are gained through the completion of multiple-choice type exams and through the completion of relevant tasks allowing you to demonstrate your ability to apply your skills.

Which specific certifications will impress the recruiters however will very much depend on the role in which you hope to find yourself. Besides the Microsoft, Apple and Cisco certifications which are well known by a lot of IT professionals, there are a lot more regarding for example security and project management. E.g. iSQI offers a wide range of certifications for IT professionals that cover everything from software testing through to Scrum and Agile methodology.

Should You Hire an IT Consultant with Relevant Certifications?

Whether you are a small business IT consultant or working with large companies you really do need to ensure that you have the relevant certification. Any good IT business consultant will be able to clearly demonstrate their skills and abilities through their range of certifications.

Hiring a consultant requires just as much, if not more, diligence as hiring any other IT professional. You want to know if they are going to be able to deliver the support that you are looking for. A consultant that has taken the time to gain certifications and spent the required money will often be a safer bet to work with than one that has no relevant certifications to their name.

As a consultant, you will be able to demand a much higher IT business consultant salary for your work if you can demonstrate your abilities through relevant and up to date IT certifications.

Should You Have IT Certifications for Your Role?

No matter where you are in your career within IT you really should be looking at certification if you want to demonstrate your value. Those that have taken the time to get a certification will stand out from those that have not, and have a far better chance of being selected by recruiters for any role that they apply to.

While certification may seem expensive the boost that it can make to your salary is significant and more than worth it. Whether as an employee or as a consultant your earnings can be raised by as much as 40% through gaining the right certifications. So it is more than worthwhile seeking out the most sought out certifications for your specific role.

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