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Posted by Gerhard Wistuba on Aug 30, 2021 11:19:25 AM

The Prize for 'Intercultural Dialogue', donated by iSQI, goes to documentary film producer, Hans Hochstöger, from Austria!

Potsdam, August 20, 2021 - The documentary, ENDPHASE, was awarded the prize for “Intercultural Dialogue” last night. "The awards helped raise awareness of Jewish film making and the Jewish perspective on the past, present and future" commented JFBB Program Director, Bernd Buder. The Intercultural Dialogue Award was sponsored by the iSQI Group. It aims to send a clear message against anti-Semitism and promote cultural diversity.

ENDPHASE documents one of the last massacres of the Second World War. On the night of May 2, 1945, 228 women, men and children from Hungary were murdered in the Austrian community of Hofamt Priel, by a commando of the SS. Still to this day, the perpetrators are unknown. There was never a trial. Hans and Tobias Hochstöger grew up in Priel and searched for explanations or clarification for what happened that night.

"ENDPHASE is one of the last films made with eye-witnesses to the crimes of the Nazi regime. Many of our protagonists died during the filming. I hope that my film will make a small contribution to remembering these events and to keep the memory of the victims alive, even after the death of the last witness," says Hans Hochstöger.

Hans Hochstöger is a photographer - the documentary about the massacre in his hometown in Lower Austria, is his debut as a filmmaker.

"We are pleased and can be proud that we have such a broad cultural diversity to offer in our region. We believe that this enriches us all and should therefore be preserved and further promoted. The JFBB has always been lively, colourful, wonderfully provocative and very entertaining," says Stephan Goericke, Managing Director of iSQI Group.

iSQI is committed to education and training worldwide. The company prepares professionals with certifications of internationally recognized techniques and methods for cross-border use in a globally functioning economy.

In addition, the Goericke family donated the prize for the ‘Promotion of Young Filmmakers’ with prize money of EUR 1,000. This prize was awarded by the JFBB program collective to Sharon Ryba-Kahn. The film maker was represented in the program of the 27th JFBB with a very personal and emotional documentary named ‘DISPLACE’

 "The fact that the panel chose Sharon Ryba-Kahn makes me particularly happy. The director is a graduate of Babelsberg's Konrad Wolf Film University. The award shows the importance of Babelsberg as a location for education," comments award donor Stephan Goericke.


Founded in 1995, the JFBB is the largest Jewish film festival in Germany. The JFBB program is hosted in Berlin and Potsdam with numerous international films of all genres to experimental films and premium quality TV series, all of which depict the diversity of Jewish life, past and present. Simultaneously, the JFBB keeps the memory of the Shoa alive and counters anti-Semitic attitudes.

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