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iSQI is now offering the A4Q IQBBA certification portfolio including the updated Certified Agile Business Analysis (CABA) module!

ISQI Group
Posted by ISQI Group on Oct 26, 2021 10:29:23 AM

In this blog we explore business analysis certification, most specifically the IQBBA (International Qualifications Board for Business Analysis) scheme which has been added to the Alliance for Quality (A4Q) suite of products and which is now available from iSQI!

A further exciting development is the release of the updated iSQI Certified Agile Business Analysis (CABA) certification which now becomes an A4Q IQBBA foundation level module. The new A4Q IQBBA Certified Agile Business Analysis (A4Q IQBBA CABA) certification will be accepted as a prerequisite to the A4Q IQBBA Advanced Level acknowledging the importance of business analysis skills in an agile environment.

Why is Business Analysis Important?

At the beginning of each IT project there is always a business need. 

Improving or automating business processes, extending software system’s functionality, opening new access channels for customers – these are examples of various business needs. In order to create the fundamentals for an IT project, each business need has to be explored, analyzed and converted into a solution.

This is the field for a Business Analyst. The success of the project depends on the skills and experience of the Business Analyst, tasked with the responsibility to collect concrete requirements and model them into a business solution. The activities of the Business Analyst may vary depending on their role and scope of responsibility. A Business Analyst working at the organization level is typically responsible for collecting insights and business needs and/or opportunities from the business environment (customers, competitors, organization’s assets) and proposing new, often innovative, business solutions. A Business Analyst working at the program/project level will instead be in charge of delivering the agreed business solution.

What are the benefits of A4Q IQBBA certification for business analysis professionals?

For individuals:

  • Hands on, collaborative learning
  • Prove your business analysis competency
  • Identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems
  • Develop your business analyst mindset (soft skills)
  • Stand out from the crowd with a certification that shows you can do it!

For Organizations:

  • Understand the business processes performed within an organization
  • Identify the change needed and prepare feasibility studies together with risk analysis.
  • Optimize an organization’s performance
  • Get ahead of the competition with qualified Business Analysts who can do it!

For the Team

  • Develop team competence, collaboration and confidence
  • Apply modern techniques of innovation and creative design in order to produce new, competitive products
  • Motivate the team with a career path to business analyst
  • Challenge the team to validate they can do it with a practical certification!

For Training Providers

  • Boost your training portfolio with a highly practical course in business analysis
  • Licensed materials available
  • Support your customers to develop their organization's business analysis competency


Structure of the A4Q IQBBA certification scheme:

The A4Q IQBBA certification consists of three levels: 

  • Foundation: Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst (CFLBA) and Certified Agile Business Analysis (CABA)
  • Advanced: Certified Advanced Level Business Analyst (CALBA) - three modules
  • Expert: Certified Expert Level Business Analyst (CELBA) - not yet released.

Either of the Foundation modules are accepted as prerequisites to the Advanced Level.

Who should take A4Q IQBBA certification?

The A4Q IQBBA scheme is designed for people involved in analyzing business processes within an organization, modeling businesses and process improvement: Business Analysts, Process and Product Owners, Innovators, Product Designers, Process Optimization Professionals etc.

Whether you are starting in your career or at a more advanced level, then A4Q IQBBA certification can support you, and your team, to develop essential skills in business analysis.


 Exam Structure

The examinations for the A4Q IQBBA Certifications are based on the respective A4Q IQBBA curriculum. The full examination areas are well defined in the Learning Objectives (Objectives) of the  curricula. Consequently, the Learning Objectives provide the framework for the exams. The testing format is multiple choice.

Candidates eligible to participate in an IQBBA exam either have attended an accredited course or they are participants of an open exam (no prior course attendance required).


Number of questions

Length of exam

K Levels

Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst (CFLBA)



 (75 with extra time for non-native speakers)


iSQI Certified Agile Business Analysis (CABA) 



 (75 with extra time for non-native speakers)


Certified Advanced Level Business Analyst (CALBA) 



 (113 with extra time for non-native speakers)



Foundation level exams are available now via remote proctor giving maximum flexibility with 24/7 availability. The exams will shortly be available from Pearson VUE also. Exams can also be taken at the end of training with accredited training providers. 


Preparing for A4Q IQBBA Certification

There are no specific entry requirements for foundation level; detailed syllabi are available for both CFLBA and CABA. Self study and direct entry to the foundation level exam are possible. Training is available from accredited training providers for those who wish to take part in instructor led training. 

IQBBA also has a glossary available to support study. Find it on our product page here:

A4Q IQBBA CERTIFIED AGILE BUSINESS ANALYSIS (A4Q IQBBA CABA): https://isqi.org/en/86-a4q-iqbba-certified-agile-business-analysis-iqbba-caba.html

A4Q IQBBA CERTIFIED FOUNDATION LEVEL BUSINESS ANALYSIS (A4Q IQBBA CFLBA): https://isqi.org/en/87-a4q-iqbba-cflba-certified-foundation-level-business-analysis.html 


Training Provider Accreditation

Materials are available to license so training providers can become accredited very quickly - contact accreditation@isqi.org for more information.

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