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New LinkedIN-Group supports IREB

New LinkedIN-Group supports IREB

2019-11-14T15:09:32+00:00November 7th, 2019|IREB, Press release|

To make IREB better known in Ukraine, the Ukrainian National Board of the ISTQB (USQB for short) and the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB®) have joined forces. USQB supports further development of IREB- certification in Ukraine and organizes the exams sessions. iSQI Eastern Europe invites you to join the Linkedin group. It is open for everyone who is involved in Requirements Engineering. Here iSQI shares information and special offers for Business Analysts, Software Testers, Product Owners, Systems Engineers and Project Managers. This group has been created for experts to share their experiences and discuss the relevant topics. Here you can join the group.

The close cooperation between USQB and IREB at country level consistently continues the international strategy since the beginning of 2019. The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) and the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB®) have entered into an alliance to further promote the software testing and requirements engineering professions together in January 2019. As a first step both organizations have agreed to align their glossaries. The alignment will include the summarizing of the ISTQB® and IREB® terms, as well as adapting the ISTQB®/IREB® glossaries to accommodate the alignment.

“ISTQB® and IREB® are two organizations aiming to improve the quality of IT processes and products. They operate in different areas: ISTQB® in software testing, IREB® in requirements engineering. These areas interact and complement each other, allowing both individuals and organizations to have a more comprehensive view of software quality. Establishing cooperation between ISTQB® and IREB® is the first step towards systematization and further standardization of software production processes” – said Karolina Zmitrowicz, ISTQB® President.

“As the leading software testing certification globally, within ISTQB® we see significant value in working within the alliance with IREB® for us, our training providers and our candidates. By initially creating the inclusive software quality glossary this will improve communication throughout the software development process” said Geoff Thompson, ISTQB® Vice President.

“Software Testing and Requirements Engineering are co-located professions. Tying up with ISTQB®, fosters our leadership role in building better software. We see this as a natural step in developing software that is efficient and of the highest quality” said Kim Lauenroth, IREB® Chairman.

Mr. Stefan Sturm, Managing Director of IREB®, added – “The alliance with ISTQB® will bring a strong asset to our Training Providers. It demonstrates that the two most important certification schemes for software quality go hand in hand.”

The timetable for the alignment of the glossaries is to be determined, but is expected to be complete in 2019. The aligned glossaries will be available from both ISTQB® and IREB® upon completion.