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Digital Badges – stand out from the crowd and make your credentials work for you!

Digital Badges – stand out from the crowd and make your credentials work for you!

2019-09-11T15:08:53+02:00September 11th, 2019|Institute, iSQI, Partner, Press release|

iSQI have launched digital badges! A digital badge is an online standard for recognizing and verifying learning that complies with the Open Badges Specification.
Successfully certified individuals with iSQI can celebrate and share their achievements in the ever-growing on-line market place. Use your iSQI digital badge to:

  • Open up career opportunities
  • Raise professional profile
  • Establish credibility
  • Demonstrate commitment to learning
  • Give employers and peers confidence that an individual’s achievement is validated and authentic
  • Accelerate employer verification checks on your attainments

Is it just a pretty picture?

There is certainly more to a digital badge from iSQI than just its amazing good looks!
Of course, it matters that the badge is eye-catching; they are a fantastic way to display your qualifications on multiple platforms including:

  • Websites
  • Social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Professional networking sites (e.g. Linkedin)
  • Online portfolios – CVs
  • Blogs
  • Email signatures

Each badge includes meta-data encoded into the digital image. This meta-data holds the important details related to the achievements for which the badge was awarded. Anyone wishing to verify a badge, such as a future employer or a potential customer, can be assured that an individual’s claim to holding his or her qualification from iSQI is totally credible.

Moreover, our badges are secured by blockchain. The Blockchain cryptographically seals a record of the credential when it’s created so that anyone seeking verification can be absolutely certain that a record hasn’t been altered since being issued by iSQI. If someone attempts to create a credential that looks like your credentials it won’t verify against the Blockchain record.

Build a skills profile – all certificates on Skillshub

Keep all of your attainments together in Skillshub – not only from iSQI but other bodies and grow your profile securely. So organizing badges does not just make sense, but it’s fun. Show all your skills on iSQI’s platform Skillshub. Counterfeit and data secure – no matter what course or certificate, from iSQI and other exams. Manage settings and visibility. All badges at a glance to share via embed codes.

Get your digital badge now!

You can purchase a badge for your existing certifications at (change to your country at our website!). Planning on taking an exam – we will offer you the option to receive a badge when we send you your result email (some training providers are including this in their fees so ask them!).

Get your badge now