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TestNet Summer Workshop Design Thinking

TestNet Summer Workshop Design Thinking

2019-06-18T15:12:23+02:00June 17th, 2019|Design Thinking, Interview, Partner, Videos|

iSQI is a main Sponsor of TestNet in The Netherlands. For those who may not be familiar with Testnet, this is the largest testing community in The Netherlands, which hosts 2 annual events. As a Main Sponsor iSQI was invited to host a Summer Workshop.

The iSQI Summer Workshop will take place on June 25th in Nieuwegein (The Netherlands) and will be focused on the topic of Design Thinking.

In a relatively short time, Design Thinking has been able to establish itself as a way of working and thinking that unleashes the potential of organizations. This is why we want to introduce Design Thinking to the testing community by way of this workshop.

Design Thinking enables you to look at your business in a different way. Not only start-ups can benefit from the values of Design Thinking. Also, existing businesses can rethink their value and strategy, and by doing so reinvent themselves so to speak…thus maximizing value to their market.

After attending the half-day workshop, you have the opportunity to sign up for a one-day additional training and exam. Those who have attended the workshop and passed the exam will receive the iSQI Design Thinking Certificate.

If you are interested in Design Thinking please feel free to attend the TestNet Summer Workshop (in Dutch) or contact iSQI. To attend the Summer Workshop, please register through