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Interview with Trainer Mykola Shmarkatiuk

Interview with Trainer Mykola Shmarkatiuk

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IREB: Interview with Trainer Mykola
We asked Mykola Shmarkatiuk about certification. Mykola was the first trainer, who thaught IREB certified training for Business analysts in Ukraine in 2016. He has more than 10 years of experience in Business/Functional analysis in different companies.
Iryna Sokolovska talked with him about his profession, how certification supports the professional development and about the best way to prepare for an exam for IREB. What the interview on youtube.

Mykola: Hello all! My name is Mykola. I work as a business analyst at Materialize. My duties are: Coordinating projects in the field of requirements (not covering resource management), defining the needs of customers, delivering requirements to the developer teams, checking the implementation and delivering the product to the customers. Materialize is a product company acting in the field of 3-D printing which means installation and producing.

Iryna: How did you get the idea to become a certified professional?

Mykola: The idea came to me 5 years ago. At that moment, I was involved in Luxoft’s Bank project. I wanted to improve my professional skills by getting an international certificate. I also needed to structure my knowledge and to learn about international approaches in the field of requirements engineering, so I could easily communicate with other analysts in one common language. I’ve got IREB Foundation Level certification – the first level of the IREB certification scheme.

Iryna: Is it helpful for you personally to be certified? Do you apply IREB approaches when solving tasks in your projects?

Mykola: The knowledge I have gained during preparation to IREB certification is highly demanded on my current projects. As I mentioned earlier, it is very important to have structured experience and basic skills.

Iryna: Please, share some tips and tricks with us.

Mykola: IREB has recommended literature to get prepared. There is a 200-page book you can easily find in the Amazon shop. Also, you must read the IREB Syllabus. This is a “must have” for a future IREB certificate holder. In addition, I recommend passing mock-up exams, which are available on the IREB website. You can attend training courses. It will not be self-study, but working in the community with questions and answers. I’m a trainer of IREB Foundation level in Kiev provided by Code Space.

Iryna: The last question is – Do you plan to get another certificate?

Mykola: Now, I’m thinking about IREB Advanced level. I’m focused on Requirements Modeling Module. But unfortunately, now I’m very busy with my projects. So, I think it will happen half a year or one year later.