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Interview with Lead Test Engineer Cristiano Milia

Interview with Lead Test Engineer Cristiano Milia

2019-04-09T09:29:33+02:00April 8th, 2019|Event, iSQI, Software Testing|
Cristiano Milia, Test Engineer at HERE Technologies

Cristiano Milia is a Lead Test Engineer at HERE Technologies ( in Berlin. He takes care of QA for Rendering, which is the software drawing HERE maps on your smartphone, in your browser, on your car’s dashboard, and so on.

We met Cristiano Milia at the Testing Stage 2019 in Kiev and talked with him about the conference and what he thinks about certification.

How do you like the conference? Are your expectations met?

I am amazed by the young average age of the participants, all young people highly motivated. And also: the number of female participants is at least 50% of the whole audience, which is positively surprising for someone used to IT conferences in Germany. I had the chance to attend very interesting speeches, and at least two of them were especially enlightening for my current activity. I definitely got some inspiration for some ideas I want to implement in the short term. Moreover, speakers were approachable, they spent so much time with participants even after their session, to further share their knowledge and answer all kinds of questions.

Why do you travel all the way from Germany to this conference?

I think it is important to have a look beyond one’s comfort zone, to get different perspectives, to learn different approaches to a research field which you could erroneously consider “fully explored”, while in reality you haven’t opened your eyes wide enough. Also people here are very friendly and humble: they do not show off like “super stars” as it often happens in other bigger IT conferences. I had the chance to make new important contacts useful to my job. In the end, what makes a conference successful are the visitors attending it.

Are you a certified tester?

Yes, I am. I am a certified ISQTB Professional (Foundation Level).

Do you think that certifications are important?

Yes, I definitely do. I think it’s important to have a proven record of own up-to-date capabilities, which also makes them internationally recognised. That’s necessary to stay competitive in today’s fast-developing IT industry, and learning is also a lot of fun. 

Do you plan to go for more certifications beyond the ISTQB Foundation Level?

Yes, I intend to take one of the advanced level trainings and certification in the near future.