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First Selenium Test Certification in Brazil

First Selenium Test Certification in Brazil

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Raphael Mantilha is a successful computer engineer graduated from the Federal University of São Carlos (Brazil). He currently works as a Senior Test Analyst at Cast Group Raphael shared his successful experience certifying with iSQI:

iSQI: How did you find out about this certification?

RM: I found this certification through a post of Rex Black in LinkedIn.

RM: Because I am experienced in automation (mainly using Selenium) and I was not certified.

iSQI: How would you rate the contents of the exam in relation to the syllabus?

RM: The contents are adequate comparing them. Reading the syllabus, studying Selenium and working with this tool during some months are enough to be certified.

iSQI: Would you recommend it to others and if so why?

RM: I would recommend this certification to others because it is excellent for the resume of the professional and there are a lot of opportunities nowadays related to automation of tests. To be certified by a recognized institute like iSQI is a very good differential.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is an Open Source Tool as well as a suite of Softwares used for automating web browser/web application testing. Selenium is bringing Software Testing one step further in the automatization of IT processes. The A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation certification is based on a practical training course aimed at test professionals who desire an understanding of how to design, implement and maintain automated solutions using Selenium WebDriver.

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