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Expansion in Eastern Europe

Expansion in Eastern Europe

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A market with potential and enthusiasm for business

The neighboring countries see Germany as an economically interesting market. For programmers in Poland, IT specialists in Ukraine, developers in Romania, Belarus etc., Germany offers great business potential. Especially in the IT market, the interest is reciprocal. German companies are increasingly looking for skilled specialists in the eastern European market. The reason for this is not only to lower labor costs. Countries such as Poland, the Ukraine, but also Romania or Bulgaria have been investing in the training of specialists for years. Skilled professionals are supported by globalization and the resulting increase in digitization. All those working in information and communication technologies benefit greatly from the flexibility to work independently of time and location. Consequently, in many of these countries, there are now well-educated, young and dynamic professionals seeking to join the international market.

Gaining a foothold in these markets will be a challenge for iSQI in the next few years. The increased efforts of recent years show how promising this plan is.

“We note a high level of dedication from our partners who engage in joint projects energetically and focus on the essentials. The market is not as saturated as it is in Germany. People are passionate about new projects, “says Erika Paasche from iSQI’s Eastern Europe team.

Ukraine: a place for investment

For iSQI, Ukraine is an ideal region for business expansion. With certifications attesting the expert qualifications of IT professionals, iSQI meets mutual demands. On the one hand, for professionals who reach for the international market and, on the other hand, for all those companies that are looking for reliable specialists. Companies seeking to employ cannot categorically see through people to discern suitability for a position. The qualifications of a professional can only partially be learned in a job interview. However, certificates speak a clear language. They are definite proof of what someone is capable to do. Ukrainians, who can prove that they have a certain specific knowledge, are very interesting for the international market.

“This is probably one reason why approach in the Ukraine outlines a success story. Once a project has been successfully established, it keeps running smoothly, “says Erika Paasche.  

With relatively little effort, success can be achieved quickly, because companies and skilled workers benefit from the certifications. That’s why iSQI receives a lot of attention from Ukrainians at conferences such as the Testing Stage or Think Stage, both in Kiev. For increasing the level of awareness of certifications, Kiev and our public examinations there, are important bases, followed by Lviv and Dnipro. In the fall of 2018, the demand for iSQI exams was so great that further dates for public examinations had to be offered.

iSQI’s flagship project, the online event “CertDays”, has also been a considerable success in Ukraine. Already in 2017, the response was enormous and now, at a follow-up event, important personalities of the field of IT certification such as Graham Barth (T-Systems, ISTQB), Rex Black (RBCS) or Stefan Sturm (IREB) were once more available as speakers, among many others. The “CertDays” offers the audience the opportunity to learn about topics such as Software Testing, Requirements Engineering, Selenium Webdriver, Usability Design Thinking and other certifications. These are important subjects for professionals who want to upskill in regards to certain IT developments. The “CertDays” are ideal for experienced professionals to learn about further specializations in their field with international relevance. At the same time, those less experienced can learn and ask questions directly to the speakers.

Building up new Partnership

“CertDays” as a platform is of course not reserved for Ukrainians only; visitors from Armenia also use the opportunity to inform themselves during the online event. “This is also reinforced by the close cooperation with the Armenian Software Testing Quality Board (ArmSTQB),” says Erika Paasche.

A result is the fact that we participate in the public examinations of the Armenian Board in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. The talk by iSQI CEO Stephan Goericke and joint actions with Erik van Veenendaal at SEETEST in Belgrade, Compendium Centrum Edukacyjne Sp. Zoo. as a new partner in Poland for certifications such as Selenium and Design Thinking, ProTest Solutions as a partner in Croatia, new customers like IBM in Romania – all these are crucial steps to bring more certifications to the Eastern Neighboring Countries.