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From Sheep to Bees

From Sheep to Bees

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Cultural Change in Companies in the Course of Digitalization

When the world is changing, the human has to change too. Technical transformations are in everyone’s mind. But how should we reorganize the way of working? Metaphors can help to transform the own attitude.

It is obvious that we need to rethink business models and have to gear to digitalization. Don´t miss the technical site! That’s a highly important issue for companies. But besides, it’s not a transformation without transforming the culture in a company. The corporate culture has to change simultaneously with the digital transformation. So, how can leaders make sure, that their employees are not left behind?

Dolphin or submarine

First thing is, employees have to understand the need for rethinking. They have to modify their ways of working. The metaphors for a new agile way of communication, new inspiration, new motivation, new engagement is the “Dolphin”. The “Dolphin” is a symbol of an active creature. It is a happy fish, which likes its life and it shows that it likes it.

“Do you see, what this metaphor says about working people? Employees that act like dolphins talk about their work. They are visible during long period projects. On the contrary, in many companies traditional ways of working are similar to ‘submarines’”, Stephan Goericke, CEO of the International Software Quality Institute iSQI GmbH (iSQI), says.

A “submarine” gets the commands from the headquarters at the beginning of the journey – than plumbs the depths of the big ocean. Nobody knows when or where it will rise again. Nobody knows what it will deliver. Good or bad news? People fit with dolphins will reach goals much faster – very important for go-to-market strategies and high-performance companies prepared for automation.

Bee or sheep

Digitization and cultural transformation cause a high complexity at work. Metaphors can be used to manage reframing organizations. For example, the employees of iSQI GmbH try to think more and more like bees, not as sheep. Bees are producing honey in self-organized colonies of bees. The hives are symbols for the frames in a company.

Which metaphor you use, depends not only on the industry but in the existing culture – and the working people. “I like the metaphors of dolphins and bees, they help people to understand, what the management wants. Metaphors are clear and easy to communicate and are an important part of the make the new corporate culture in our company”, Goericke says. He is sure, that the right metaphors are an important reason why the transformation of iSQI is one step towards continuous success.