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Meet up in a smart way. Join the CertDays

Meet up in a smart way. Join the CertDays

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You know. Traveling is expensive and meetings at conferences take time and energy. The Cert Days are a modern and smart concept for people who want to upskill themselves without traveling across the globe. The smart event is a conference for free presented online.

The good news: There are still seats available for this big event in October. Of course, you could say a webinar is never fully booked. And you’re right. Unlimited numbers of experts and people who want to become experts can join the Cert Days here:


First-hand expert knowledge

Well-known experts give presentations and answer questions of the participants live. Among them such great names as Graham Bath, Rex Black, Geoff Thompson.

“Being successful is a question of focus. Being productive instead of being just busy is one of my basic convictions. The goal of the Cert Days is to bring experts together to inform and to discuss the current important topics in a modern and easy way. I think this is the secret behind the success of this event.” Erika Paasche, Key Account Manager iSQI.

Join the Cert Days now. Get personally in touch with important people. Experience the new online format. Plan your career, expand your knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of ISTQB, Selenium, UXQB, and IREB and get answers to the questions you´ve been looking for.

Webinars on the Internet are a comparably young format that can meet the needs of many professionals. The registration for Webinars is easy and without unnecessary bureaucracy. Since they are held online, interested people from all over the world can log in and join the discussions. This was clearly shown by the Cert Days 2017. They met with great interest in the industry of software testing. Nearly 550 testers, software engineers and architects and many others from 15 countries have participated in the live webinars.

Read what participants said about the Cert Days 2017

“The Cert Days are a modern and easy possibility to bring serious information to the people. I think this is for me one of the most important reasons, why I like the Cert Days. Which valuable certificates exist on the market and and how they can support your career were topics of the first Cert Days.

“Thank you for great event and details provided. Next year, I will ask the experts for more real life examples for the presented topics. Thank you very much.”

“The Cert Days are a good opportunity to get detailed information on skills and experience to pass the exams. Presenters can be asked for examples of test questions and explanations.”

“Cert Days were very good!”