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iSQI expands its activities to larger Ukranian cities. First step is Lviv

iSQI expands its activities to larger Ukranian cities. First step is Lviv

2018-10-11T13:26:40+00:00July 26th, 2018|iSQI, Lviv, Press release, Requirements Engineering, Ukraine|

iSQI will expand the public exam sessions to the Ukrainian city Lviv. The town is a very good place with highly educated people and a great potential for business. The first exams in Lviv will start in October 2018.

In addition to tourism, information technology is currently the most important economic activity in Lviv. Software companies develop applications for a wide range of use, from artificial intelligence for storage systems to in-flight WLAN for aircraft manufacturers. The administration of the city with more than 720,000 inhabitants promotes the development of the tech sectors. A group of important representatives of the industry, universities and the government, founded the “Lviv IT Cluster” to drive the IT-boom (find the link at the end of this article). Highly skilled specialists are most valuable for IT industry in Lviv. The town is very attractive for foreign companies with its highly-qualified people and positive dynamics over the past years. More than 15.000 employees work in IT sector and the trend is rising.

“Lviv, the capital of the Western Ukraine, brings unbelievable opportunities for our business. We are well prepared with the great support from the Ukrainian Software Quality Board (USQB). Our great success of public exam sessions in Kiev in collaboration with the USQB is one important reason, why we expand our activities here in Lviv”, says Erika Paasche, Key Account Manager at iSQI.

As an important part of the IT education in the country, the Ukrainian Software Quality Board promotes and supports the education program of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) since 2006. As a consequence, the number of certified testers in the Ukraine steadily increases: In 2017, there were already over 3,000 testers holding ISTQB certifications.

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Stay tuned, there will be more offers in the future in other cities. Write an e-mail to Erika

Erika Paasche,

Erika Paasche is responsible for the development of programs and projects in Eastern Europe to certify specialists in topics like Software Testing and other industry-related themes such as Requirements Engineering, agile way of working and very new certifications in areas like the Internet of Things. In the course of the last months USQB and iSQI arranged one to two exam sessions on a monthly basis with each more than twenty participants in average. Moreover, the first new ISTQB FL 2018 exam, which is on the market since June 2018, has been taken during the last public exam session in Kiev. “This is a tremendous success”, Erika says. Now the USQB and iSQI discussed the expansion of the public exam sessions to other large cities in Ukraine with high potential.