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A story of Ukrainian pioneers

A story of Ukrainian pioneers

2018-05-16T15:24:23+00:00May 16th, 2018|iSQI, Software Testing, Ukraine|

We are working hard on our new webshop on Many certificates are offered in these days. ISTQB FL, AL and EL for beginners, professionals and experts, IREB, iSAQB, UXQB and many more – for software architects and testers, requirement engineers and managers. In most of the cases iSQI provides the exams in English or German. In addition to the exams, training providers are able to offer their trainings and publish their training schedules in the marketplace on

Since we intensified our business efforts in Ukraine, the question was, who will be the first offering a training in Russian language in our marketplace! And now we have a winner. The winner is C O D E  S P A C E. The Ukrainian education platform in the IT-Sector provides the course “ISTQB Advanced Level Test manager” in the delivery channel: virtual live online classroom training. 

The training can be very well integrated into your personal schedule, because it´s online and takes place three times a week, two hours in the evenings. One big plus of this online training is that it’s live and thus, the participants can ask questions and get answers right away from the friendly training experts. The recordings are also made available.

Please find the details here:

Be quick as the first training session will start on the 18th of May!

In case you missed this opportunity, don’t worry – Code Space intends to frequently offer the training for ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager and also plans to add additional trainings for ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst and Foundation Level in Russian.