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Public exams in Kiev

Public exams in Kiev

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Here you can find public exams

iSQI offers opportunity to take public examination in corporate branches located across the world. You can find information on our new offices on the website  

As a certifying body, iSQI works closely together with the Ukrainian Software Quality Board (USQB) and with the training provider Code Space.

The exams take place in the premises of Code Space situated at Saksaganskogo str. 38-b, Kiev, 01033 


Date Time
April 27th 10:00
May 18th 10:00
June 8th 10:00
June 27th 10:00



Exam procedure

Since these are public exams, anyone can register for an exam regardless of whether s/he passed a training previously or not. The exam is paper-based which means the tests are written on paper forms provided by a trained invigilator assigned by iSQI. The exam invigilator will supervise the exam to make sure that everything runs fair.


How will you receive your certificate?

iSQI is strongly committed to deliver the exam results as soon as possible. Our team in Potsdam, Germany, receives the exam papers via postal service dispatched by our invigilator. The delivery takes a couple of days. The exam assessment is conducted by both automated software program and manually. iSQI goes to great length to improve and optimize this process. After the results evaluation, you receive your authenticated certificate per Email. Additionally, it can also be provided as a printed copy upon request.


Which exams can be taken?

Basically you can take almost any certification exam offered in our portfolio during the public exam. Majority of them relates to software testing and quality assurance of programs. There are certification exams for the ones who are interested in agile operations, agile methods and agile management as well. In light of our past experience, the greatest demand goes up for ISTQB Certified Tester in foundation level (CTFL). This pertains to the basics of software testing, namely test planning, control and assessment.


Advanced Level

Based on this, during a public exam you can take a certification exam in advanced level. Those are for different topics including Test Manager, Test Analyst und Technical Test Analyst. An excellent overview of exams in advanced level is available at the following link: root/advanced- level/advanced-level- in-a- nutshell.html 

On average, every second out of ten software testers take a ISTQB exam in advanced level.


Here you can book

Public exams are a perfect opportunity to get certified for other professional qualifications. Among other exams listed in our webshop, you can find also the following certification exams. You can find the dates for booking in the dropdown-menu.

  • IREB® Certified Professional for Requirement Engineering – Advanced Level, Requirements Management

  • iSQI® Certified Agile Business Analysis (CABA)

  • ISPMA Certified Software Product Manager – Foundation Level

  • iSQI’s® Certified Agile Essentials (CAE)

  • iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Foundation Level

  • iSQI® CMAP Mobile App Testing – Foundation Level

  • IREB® – RE@Agile Primer