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2TRY – Your secure path to success

2TRY – Your secure path to success

2018-03-20T14:35:55+00:00March 6th, 2018|Institute, iSQI, Press release|

iSQI (International Software Quality Institue) are happy to offer as the only certification body international in cooperation with the ASQF (Arbeitskreis Software-Qualität und-Fortbildung) the new service to do the Re-sit for just 25% of the regular exam price.  

From now on we give students the option to book 2TRY additional to their selected exam.

In case of failure, there are no further costs to do the second try and hopefully much less pressure on your students and participants.

With the 2TRY, we would like to ensure our commitment to customers who are struggling with test anxiety. They will go much easier in the exam with 2TRY. “With 2TRY we want to increase the motivation of our examinees and improve the success rates” says Katharina Hilpert of the iSQI GmbH.

Book the 2TRY as usual for your desired exam by mail or phone.


Telephone: 0331 231810-14

From 1 April the 2TRY can be booked online in our webshop.

For further information please visit the ASQF website. There you can find the terms and conditions and the list of products 2TRY is available for.

(All information is currently available in German only.)