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Public Exam Sessions in Ukraine – book your seat online!

Public Exam Sessions in Ukraine – book your seat online!

2018-01-29T15:32:45+00:00January 29th, 2018|iSQI, Partner, Press release, Ukraine|

The new iSQI website was launched and comes with a brand-new webshop. For the first time, you have now the possibility to book your seat for paper-based certification examinations at public exam sessions in Kiev online.

This new option has benefits for all involved parties. It is less administrative overhead for the Ukrainian Software Quality Board (USQB), that initiates the exam sessions in the Ukraine.

Most important are the benefits for you!

We constantly try to improve the service for our customers. The huge benefit for the participants to book online is, that through the improved and faster processes, successful candidates get their certificates a lot faster than in the past.

Moreover, the website including webshop provides a good and transparent overview of the available certifications, which invites you to explore and think of your career plan.

How to book your seat online for Kiev?

Go to the iSQI website and chose the exam that you are interested in at the section “certifications”.

Select “Language” (English), “Exam” (Paper), decide on “Time extension”.

Click “Add to cart” and select the exam date.

The exam is added to your cart and you can proceed to the checkout.

Congratulations – you are done and booked your seat for the chosen exam during the selected exam session! You will receive a respective confirmation e-mail.

Good luck for the exam!

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